What is Morse code?

Before the invention of telecommunications as we know them today, and even before Graham Bell's telephone there was (and still works) a method of communication that was frequently used at sea and on telegraph lines. Do you know what I mean? The Morse code. Morse code is a mode of communication that uses a universal code consisting of dots and dashes. To convey this it took an expert person known as a Morse code translator and there were two ways to do it: With lights: it was common between ships and ports. With a flashlight or headlight that you could open and close so that the Morse code translator could convey the message With sound. This was made with a telegraph, a device that sent sound, and a Morse translator was responsible for transmitting, receiving, and encoding the telegraphs. Making this the fastest way to send urgent mail that would not take weeks

Morse alphabet

Each letter or sign should be listened to with attention and detail so as not to fail in the interpretation. Here you can see a box with the alphabet, numbers and some punctuation marks.

Morse code mnemonics

Do you want a method that helps you memorize it faster? Assign a word to each letter. For A: Angel for B base and so you go to Z, then substitute the vowels of that word for dots or stripes following this scheme: The initial letter of that word is its Morse equivalent. For A it is “.-“. The number of vowels that are repeated in the word mark the length of the corresponding Morse code (if you use the word Angel there will be 2 signs, be they dots or stripes. If the vowel is an “O” replace it with a dash (-). If it is another vowel, with a period (.). And most importantly: practice! Become a Morse code translator to play and communicate with your friends either by messages or by using sounds and flashlights. It is very useful for many aspects of everyday life. Especially when you don't want everyone to know what you're talking about.

Morse translator online

Our online Morse code translator allows you to translate text to Morse audio or from Morse code to text. It is a tool that will allow you to interpret any Morse code within a click.

How do I use the morse code translator online?

Enter the word you want the Morse code translator to convert into dots and dashes and press the "translate Morse" button if you have been sent a message in Morse, enter the dots and dashes and press the "translate the Morse" button the translator online Morse code works in both directions

How did Morse code come about?

In the 18th century in the United States (home of the creator and first translator of Morse code Samuel Morse) letters that used to go by horse or train were used throughout the country to communicate remotely. The problem was that they could go months without reaching their destination, or unfortunately they also carried money and valuables being victims of continuous assaults. So this man invented and patented, along with Alfred Vail, a language that would be of practical use for the American postal system. So they created a method that combined dots, dashes, and spaces. Then it was modified to dots and dashes to simplify it further and thus create a more effective way of transmitting messages in a fast way. For this you needed: to have both points (transmitter and receiver) connected by electric cables, two Morse code translators each side and two telegraphs. Its use became so popular that years later it was used as an international standard for ships (with lights) and telegraphs (electrical impulses transformed into audio)

What was the first message sent by morse code?

In May 1944, thanks to an investment of $ 30,000 made by the government, a 60-kilometer telegraph network was installed between the Supreme Court in Washington and a railway station in Baltimore, “What Hath God Wrought!" Referring to the Bible, Morse used this message to thank God for helping him create this new technology that revolutionized the entire world. From this moment, the telegraph system began to be built in the United States and its use became popular worldwide. Using the same Morse code translator scheme adapted to their languages to send and receive telegrams.

How do you do "SOS" with a flashlight?

The most popular and necessary Morse code to ask for help. Using the flashlight one point is a quick hit. Calculate less than a second, a dash is a slow hit, calculate a second. To show an S.O.S. message it's three quick hits, three slow hits and three quick hits. Wait 2 or 3 seconds and repeat the operation. If you have a phone you can download applications that use the flash of your camera to send this message automatically

How do you say i love you in Morse code

Using our online morse code translator you can write anything. Do you want to say to that special person "I love you" in a very original way? Enter the text in the translator and use the result. But there is more! You can create your own metacode using Morse code. How? Using abbreviations or acronyms, like "wk" for work, thx for thanks. Become an expert Morse code translator create your own neologism (neologism is a made-up language, like the elvish of the lord of the rings, or the Dothraki in game of thrones).